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Complete Music Production Course 
with 12.5 Hours of Video Tutorials

Optimised for Live 9.5 

Learn the step by step workflow and techniques for turning your ideas into release ready tracks. 

Complete Music Production Course 
with 12.5 Hours of Video Tutorials

Optimised for Live 9.5 

Learn the step by step workflow and techniques for turning your ideas into release ready tracks. 
All of the training materials from our flagship Laser Package ($1,499)

Available now for only $399 ($159)
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  • Module 1: Accurately analyse and learn from your favourite producers tracks. Understand structure, frequency, spectrum analysers and warping. Create a ghost arrangement to help sketch out your own tracks.
  • Module 2: Learn how to pick quality samples and the principles of programming a professional drum loop. Understand samplers, the midi editor, groove, altering the feel of a loop and how to program shakers & percussion.
  • Module 3: Enhance your loops with automation, ghost notes, fills and effects. Learn advanced techniques for manipulating audio loops, using drum racks and applying midi effects. Create a final drum mixdown.
  • Module 4: Learn about sub bass, kicks and how to keep the low end tight and punching. Understand layering, programming synth patches and using samples. Create advanced bass patterns using modulation and effects.
  • Module 5: An in-depth look at synthesis, sound design and vocal recording & editing. Learn to program an assortment of patches, enhance your sounds with layering, use effects chains and program parts to sit well in the mix.
  • Module 6: Learn how to quickly turn loops into a full arrangement. Design small breakdowns, transitional effects, builds and feedback loops. Understand how to smoothly introduce and remove sounds in the arrangement.
  • Module 7: Learn how to build the main breakdown and use effects for maximum impact. Understand how to create anticipation and alter the energy levels of a track. Design special effects to enhance and finalise the arrangement.
  • Module 8: An in-depth look at mixdown covering levelling & dynamics, equalisation and the stereo field. Understand compression including character, buss and parallel along with other mix glue effects and the final master chain.
  • All videos stream in our secure training portal and come with step by step project notes for you to build your tracks from start to finish. 

Oli Furness

"I learned with Quantize at the beginning of my journey into sound design and production. I still us the techniques as a corner stone of my workflow today."


"I tried lots of courses but Quantize was the only one that delivered. One year after the course I had ten releases."

Are these the same tutorials as the Quantize Video Packs?
There's are completely unique tutorials covering every step of the production process. The training materials and projects are exactly the same as those included in our flagship $1,499 Laser Package!
Do I have to use Ableton Live to learn from this course?
The course is optimised for users of Ableton Live 9.5 and as such we recommend that you use this DAW to take the most from the course. Live 10 users can still make full use of the content but please be aware there are some changes to the software layout.
How long do I have access to the course materials?
All of the videos and project notes are housed in our training portal and you have lifetime access so you can watch and review the knowledge whenever you like. 

Do I need to write a specific genre to benefit from this course?
The course is designed for underground dance music producers. If you write  Techno, House, or any of their derivatives, this course is for you!

Is this course suitable for beginners?
We recommend you have at least 6 months experience of writing music. Whilst the course does revisit the basics to ensure you have all of the knowledge you need, it quickly moves into more advanced material. 

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